properties and tenants

SITUALIS provides situational awareness that equips those responding to an adverse event with the necessary information to determine the appropriate level of response prior to arrival, while on route, or immediately upon arrival.  A lack of situational awareness for incidents, even relatively minor events, may have significant direct and indirect consequences on businesses.  Additionally, recent terrorist incidents throughout the world have not only heightened people’s awareness of terror, but have also impacted people’s reactions to any unexpected event.  This ‘reaction’, especially in instances unrelated to criminal activity, may result in increased harm and damage. 


Property personnel must be aware of 911 calls emanating from their building or vicinity, and quickly obtain clarity as to the nature and extent of an incident. This enables personnel to quickly contextualize incident information.


Requires a basic notification system, or accurate information to add to an existing notification system to provide precise, timely information as well as practical instructions to staff, visitors and management.


Business continuity and crisis communications plans can be immediately enacted based on first-hand first responder information. 


Properties may initiate actions such as air intake shut-off, etc., in order to minimize harm to personnel, systems, infrastructure and the facility, while focusing on the health and well-being of staff through fact-based decision making.

Building Information

24/7 virtual access to floor plans, shut-offs for services, contact information for guard desk and responsible persons, may be shared directly with first responders.

Building Access

First responders are able to access the building, even when a keyholder may not be able available.

Camera Access

Access to cameras covering interior and exterior building spaces, and the ability to provide access to first responders.


Properties need to communicate with impacted persons in the building.


Properties need to be able to coordinate a response with site personnel and first responders.

Remote Access

Properties need all of the above information remotely in cases when key decision makers are not on-site at the time of the event.

SITUALIS’ patented technology provides:

Messaging: First responders send Emergency Broadcasts, Heads Up Alerts and Direct Messages to registered properties by geographic area or by industry sector, providing accurate, vital public safety information.

Notification: Messages received from first responders are sent to key personnel and executives, as appropriate, using the built-in notification system.

Communications: Communicate with impacted persons in the building.

Plans: Immediately activate emergency, business continuity and crisis communications plans, based on first-hand information from first responders.

Coordination: Coordinate response between site personnel and first responders.

Actions: Take appropriate actions, such as air intake shut-off, etc., to minimize harm to personnel, systems, infrastructure and the facility based on fact-based decision making.

Building Information: Critical building information is shared with responders and key personnel in the organization, providing 24/7 virtual access to floor plans, shut-off for services, contact information for security desk and responsible persons, and the ability to share this information with on-scene responders.

Building Access: Responders can be given access to the building, even when a keyholder is not be available.

Camera Access: Access to cameras of interior and exterior building spaces can be shared with key personnel and first responders when required via mobile device.