Situational awareness - optimizing safety
The Global Standard for Effective Incident Response

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Situational awareness gives first responders the critical information needed to be able to evaluate the required level of response to an emergency. Having situational awareness prior to arrival allows for a more effective response to any adverse event. SITUALIS is a secure, web-based ‘software as a service’ product, that enables property owners, property management, tenants and first responders to have situational awareness and thereby improve their response during an incident. SITUALIS does this through direct communication and secure, remote access to key property data prior to arrival. During an incident, SITUALIS provides a quick and secure mechanism to receive accurate site-specific information and an efficient tool to communicate this information to stakeholders. Registered properties connect first responders to their key gatekeepers and property-specific data, including contact lists, floor plans and live camera images, which are all protected under rigorous IT and privacy standards.


Situational Awareness - Optimizing Safety

The Global Standard for Effective Incident Response

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situalis plus
This option includes all the features of SITUALIS Prime (below), with the exception of camera capabilities.
situalis prime
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